Emma Tang

Photo of Emma Tang School of Biological Earth and Environmental Science
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052

Phone: +612 9385 2073
Fax: +612 9385 1558

Email: Emma.Tang at unsw.edu.au

Research Interests

  1. Using the size spectra of esturaine zooplankton to assess estuarine conditions and explore the top-down/bottom-up drivers of NSW estuaries

Current Projects

I started a Bachelor of Science at UNSW in 2008, majoring in Biology and am now currently undertaking an honours year in the school of BEES.

My honours project will focus on looking at the spatial variation of zooplankton along the NSW coast. Zooplankton are the basis of the aquatic food web, and their presence or absence can be an indicator of environmental stress. Environmental stress can be induced by nutrient fluctuations by pollution, rainfall events and temperature and salinity differences. Zooplankton are responsive to changes in the aquatic ecosystem and so the study of these organisms are vital to see what is happening in the aquatic environment. As they are the basis of the aquatic food web a change in these populations could potentially lead to a change in the ecosystem.