FAMER Projects Seeking Students

The missing link in our oceans: How zooplankton size spectra couple phytoplankton with fisheries

UNSW/UQ have 2 PhD projects available, beginning in 2016. As part of an ARC Discovery Project, we are developing a global database of zooplankton size-spectra from Optical Plankton Counters. We are interested in using zooplankton size spectra to investigate how zooplankton control the transfer of energy from phytoplankton to fish at local, regional and global scales.

PhD 1: Understanding the missing link in marine foodwebs: relating state-of-the-art automated measurements of zooplankton size and biomass to oceanography. The PhD student will use high-resolution optical plankton counter data collected on research voyages (2004-2015) to investigate the oceanographic drivers of the zooplankton size-spectra. See the full project description here.

PhD 2: Using zooplankton size-distributions to improve ecosystem models. The PhD student will use a global dataset of zooplankton size spectra to develop methods of incorporating size into existing coastal and global ecosystem models, and investigate the impact of these formulations on model predictions. See the full project description here.

There are funds available for a scholarship top-up, but the candidate must be capable for getting an APA at UNSW (applications close 16th October) or UQ (applications close 7th October).

For further information, see here and then contact Professor Iain Suthers or Dr Jason Everett

Bioenergetics and migration of tailor Pomatomus saltatrix

We are seeking an outstanding PhD student to contribute to the bioenergetics component of a funded ARC Linkage Project with NSW Fisheries on the migration and predatory impact of tailor off eastern Australia. The PhD project will integrate the diet, consumption and bioenergetics with data from other similar, mid-sized predatory fish into ecosystem models of the open coast, together with those of estuarine ecosystems. The candidate must be capable for getting an APA at UNSW. See the full project description here.

Honours Projects

We are always looking for bright new honours projects to undertake research associated with our research themes. Pleae contact Iain or Jason or James if you would like to chat about your ideas (or ours).