James Smith

BSc(Hons) PhD UNSW

Photo of James Smith School of Biological Earth and Environmental Science
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052

Phone: +612 9385 2118
Fax: +612 9385 1558

Email: James.Smith at unsw.edu.au

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the dynamics of fish populations, in particular the carrying capacity concept, and the structuring role of resource competition.

The goal of my postdoctoral research is to determine the energetic contribution of purpose-built artificial reefs to marine fisheries. I will assess the net value of artifical reefs to fisheries, by partitioning reef-driven changes into production and aggregation components. I am also involved in a project designing an Eastern king prawn stocking program, with a focus on determining sustainable stocking densities for intermittently open and closed estuaries.

My PhD examined the ecological determinants of stocking density of Australian bass, and I developed a stocking model suited to closed systems. The model operates by balancing the production of plankton with steady-state consumer demand. I am currently building on this research to develop population models which predict maximum population size, and which quantify the trade-off between population abundance and population biomass.

Software Development

As part of my research into stocking density and trophic interactions, I have developed some software which is able to evaluate stable isotopic mixing models that incorporate uncertainty in dietary source data and in trophic enrichment factors. For more information see this page